So where are you off to this summer? Consider travel health insurance for extra protection

Vacation season is upon us and international travel part of your plans. Travel health insurance is a great compliment to basic travel insurance for those unplanned circumstances that can, unfortunately, happen while traveling.  This is insurance that assists with medical expenses incurred while traveling outside of the US.

Whether you need a test, telemedicine, or prescription during an overseas business trip or a fun family vacation, travel insurance can be a golden ticket. Many clients are surprised at the hidden and extra costs that are involved with healthcare while overseas.  In many cases, the system of healthcare is quite different than here in the US so having the extra coverage provides piece of mind.  Geoblue is a great provider with affordable coverage and a simple application process. Their plans are inclusive whether you are on a quick trip or an extended stay, maybe to visit family. Coverage is also available for foreign exchange students.

Here are some advantages to consider:

  • Use of a mobile app for convenience
  • Access to English speaking doctors via telemedicine while overseas
  • Coverage can be catered to length of time of the trip and budget
  • Application process is quick and simple and all contract details are available by email

Let’s face it- no one wants to think about getting sick or injured while on vacation but it is important to be prepared.  For most of my clients, it ends up being “just in case” insurance that was worth it.  Want a quote?  Start here or better yet- Contact me by email to have a quote generated for you and sent by email.  

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